Funcom Launcher: Mod order lists you can create and choose from for specific servers

As the title states, would be useful to create your own custom mod load order lists in the Funcom launcher or let it create lists based on the servers available.

Then you can choose a list and start the game with that mod configuration.


Yes this would be fabulous. I have a series of modlists saved that I rename to modlist.txt but it would be great if the launcher just handled it.

Then an import function for modlist.txt files would also be useful. And then autodownload of mods that are missing.

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I think that part would be a little trickier. To have it show all mods available that you havent subscribed would require a different sortable UI. I’m okay with needing to subscribe to be in the list but it would be jice to have server specific saved lists.

Any kind of better handling of mods than the current “wait 5 hours while we use the worst JSON parsing library in history to parse a bunch of nonsense that shouldn’t be parsed anyway”.

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