Fix it! or least help me/others! #thedup

I mean you have a great game here when the dam thing works.

Playing along fine last night, you update the game and now it doesnt even launch.

So far I have reinstalled the game, xbox beta app,windows store, reset,repaired, launched as admin and the game just wont launch

windows is all up to date as is gpu drivers, i had this before and it took a full reinstall of windows 10, i aint doing that again since i only did this two days ago and its only drives along with this game and 7 other reinstalled since.

Surely by now there should be some sort of response by you or a hot fix?

It’s been over 48 hours since the stupid patch, yet they still haven’t sort it out. Steam users are also complaining crashes after update. Funcom, please fix it now, you can’t simply sell a broken game.

Yeah it’s dumb. I just hope I haven’t lost my saves when I did reinstall if I have then am done with the game regardless of how much I was enjoying it

Please note it’s weekend (EU laws). They’ll get to this asap.

What the chuff has EU laws got to do with it?

This is simply stuplidty, at my workplace, it is rule never release anything on Friday precisely because there is no one there to fix problem during the weekend. All workload release have to be made before Thursday noon. And you know what? Funcom decide to release a broken patch on Friday night and rule its customers’ weekend.

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We apologize for the troubles that the latest patch has brought to some users, the developers are already aware and looking into the game pass crash on startup.

We’ll be addressing this issue as soon as possible.

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