Fix or Remove Yellow Lotus Potion. Compensation or guaranteed sources of feats and knowledge already learned from exiled lands most especially grandmaster kit and beastial memory including redeemed silent legion armor improved fishing traps in siptah

You’re a horrible person. :unamused:


He’s living up to his name…that’s just freaking cruel.

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The problem with removing Yellow Lotus function completely is that too many Siptah peeps will not be able to change stats at all so that is a non-starter.

I’m not sure where in my post did you read that it’s not essential… Or maybe you didn’t read the whole thread and proceeded to assume the rest? Idk… In any case we were talking about the grand master weaponsmith perk that grants the master weapon fitting etc… that’s what I was referring to as not “essential” in a sense that it’s fine the way it is with RNG…

I clearly stated that the yellow lotus potion being broken is quite an unfortunate bug, however… what I also said is that mixing “personal feelings” of what kind of compensation they should be getting or other suggestions - that are clearly of a feedback nature - into bug reports and those things taking up the brunt of their report is probably not the ideal way to do things. And I stand by that.

I never said anything about restating not being essential or anything of the sorts…

I’m having this exact problem on siptah actually. I have a couple of newer clanmates I recruited to help me that I met on our mutual EL server (they’re long time acquaintances from another clan) and they’re having a tough time learning the ins and outs of the new attributes system. They constantly use thralls, particularly bearers, since they farm a lot. However, one of them keeps killing T3 bearers since he didn’t realize that Well-Trained would be in his favor. Neither of them even have Authority maxed out, which is just ridiculous if you’re reliant upon thralls in the first place. I’ve tried farming bestial memory potions, but the only time I got a bunch, I was solo and had nowhere to put them in time. I ended up just dropping them all since I didn’t need to redo my attributes.

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Oh… so you’re one of those people… okay then, have a nice day :slight_smile:

I always found the server transfer good, I never had any problems.
And that the balance is disturbed as a result is nonsense.

I’ve been playing this game for years now and have found that all the nerfs that something isn’t balanced properly only come from PvP players.

PvP is meant to be exhausting, after all it’s PvP and not Sesame Street with Kermit.
And just because you’re a bad PvP player shouldn’t make others suffer.

But back to the Yellow Lotus potion, should be fixed.
Especially when I read such dishonorable statements as from @dirtyjim1

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The issue with that is that not every player owns Siptah, so people transferring superior weapons and armor back to Exiled Lands to PvP against those who don’t own Siptah would not be fair… And while it’s “just a DLC” if you look at it that way… it would be essentially opening the door to “pay to win” to some degree, potentially creating a much more problematic slippery slope…

So in this particular case it’s not PvP players complaining about a lack of balance (even though I agree that sometimes they overdo it :slight_smile: ), but a core principle being thrown in a dumpster.
Other than that, ofc, server transfers would be nice, I even suggested ways to facilitate a more seamless integration of the two maps, at the very least though they would need to introduce similar caliber weapons and armors on EL for this to not be too much of an issue (Again, it’s not an issue for me personally… I own Siptah and all other DLCs, but I do see an issue with the concept itself)

Regarding the bug, yes, I agree! it would be very nice if it was fixed

I don’t agree with that as I’ve already taken down enough others in PvP with really cheap stuff.
It depends on the player, if someone is stronger you have to play with tactics.

I ended up doing the Tower of the Elephant trophy in PvP because it can only be done there.
If you know what to do, it’s not easy to kill an enemy like that.

So that just sounds like bad excuses to me, which I’ve unfortunately heard too many times.

if he should remove the possibility of transferring weapons from a map to another map.

he should first remove the weapons of the people who have already transferred to be equal.

the chances of this happening are very low

What are you on about?..

Do you guys know how to read?..
Like seriously go and use the quote function and show me what do you THINK I said that even remotely warrants your reaction…

It does not even remotely appear so that you do…
I’m sorry but based on your behavior I’m not the clown here…
So go and maybe try again…

No, it has nothing to do with that… if you actually go and read my posts… I have acknowledged from the very start that this is a very unfortunate bug and yes it sucks that it happens. I had absolutely no problem with reporting that bug.
What I did comment on was OP waffling on afterwards about how they demand compensation… in a very entitled manner… and throwing in a bunch of suggestions on how to redesign the maps… like… come on now…

No… what’s personal is you barging in here to a month old bug report and picking me as the target of your frustrations…

Don’t worry… it will be fixed.
They fixed like 800 longtime bugs for Chapter 2, way more than what’s in the testlive patch-notes, so I’m sure this one’s among them or if not, it’ll be soon after. (that’s coming out on dec 5 or so)

And no, I wasn’t bickering at all… in fact you really missed your target with this one… I have a feeling it was just “following the crowd” since there were others before who didn’t read anything and just jumped at me…