Fix the darn game

I’m playing on official server #2019 over Conflict. I teleported to the jungle area and all of a sudden the crash and kicked me out of the game … not only did i have to restart the game killed me! Well I teleport back to get my gear…guess what within minutes (5 minutes due to slow loading) my gear decayed ARE YOU SERIOUS!!! Flawless Yamatai gear set at was between 900-1300 some where in that range gone!!! Raina key and mask of witch queen gone, flawless khitan bow gone, Baal pteor razor gone, the grim gone alll my important gear I workedstrong text** hard for. GONE!!! Seriously (swearing and beating my table) FUNCOM this is not fun or funny, are you able to send me my gear back!!! Having to play offline for a few minutes in order to play online, lags, and now this! Instead of making strong textpatches to make new gears how about fixing the problems that is already happening!!! I spent over $60 for this to happen?!?! FIX THIS PLEASE!!!**

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Hello @dangtimes, please follow the guidelines for submitting a bug report.

We have these in place in order to work together with the community to relay as much information as possible to our development team and, as such, we would really appreciate if you comply with them so that we may best help you.

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