Lost gear on server crash

So im just gonna vent on here for a second on behalf of my wife.

On an official server…server crashes while she was swimming…45 minutes later server comes up…i log in and see her in the water…she logs in and before the game loads in she drowns and dies…and then the 5 minute warning for server restart hits…so as shes trying to load back in it takes so long she didnt get the option to pick her spawn point and it puts her in a starter zone opposite side of the map. Server shuts down for restart…all the stuff she had on her is now gone. And i cant even pick it up even though we are in a clan together. This game is beyond frustrating at times and makes me not wanna play sometimes.

I have recently also used the transpatory stone and teleported and died from a tiger killing me before my game could even load…and im on the series x.

I know there is no way to get the stuff back other then grinding it out again but think they seriously need to adjust something to fix this. Shouldnt be able to die when your screen is still loading the game in.

End rant

Also it just says she was killed in the event log… Doesnt say anything about what items she lost or anything

Yeah obscene load times on current gen consoles aside: they should really remove all enemies near obelisks. Unnamed city and panther one being the worst offenders.

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This just happened to me too

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