Server crashing and loss of animal

Two times today on Xbox PvE C #2509 the server crashes immediately when I used my maproom. First time I got everything back, yay. Second time, about half an hour ago, it crashed. I logged back on and watched my elephant bleed to death in my arms, after I had died and ran all the way back naked to save it. This is atrocious. What if someone had run by and snagged my entire inventory because of your official server’s unreliability? Not only that, but it took me a damn while to get that elephant. Don’t care how easy it is, I should not lose items or animals due to the server’s inability to function. This is awful and needs to be fixed asap. Please, get back to me.

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Server crashing is likely due to other player action and just a coincidence that it happened while you were using the maproom. PC was patched today to address a major cause of this, console patches are going through certification and will receive the same patch soon.

It happened twice in one day under the same circumstances. That’s not due to other players actions. Just got ahold of my teammate and he lost his whole inventory plus a thrall who was loaded. This is absurd.

The moment we activated the teleport it kicked the /whole/ server. I talked to several people who experienced it.

About to quit playing this game if the best response is ‘you’re wrong suck it up’.

Hello @DatMcCloudGuy, welcome to the forums!

We’re sorry for the losses that ocurred due to the server crashing, we have noticed that there were a few crashes at the time of this report, but the server seems to be stable since then. As Multigun mentioned, we can’t dismiss the chance that there might’ve been another culprit for the crash rather than using the map room.

However, should you be able to replicate this behavior consistenly, please share further information regarding your teleport destination and how many player assets ( structures / thralls ) are present in the area.

Hi Hugo,
We had the same issue occur. We are also on 2509 and had extreme lag when we were in the sunken city. Event log showed lots of server restarts. I lost a Snowhunter with Epic Flawless Turin armor fighting a boss when this happened. I believe the time frame was around 7-8pm. Not exactly sure since I’m at work and can’t view the log. Will post later tonight.

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