Fix the inconsistencys

Put in statues for other main characters in Riddle of Steel. Thulsa Doom the main baddie should be immortalized after all the title was quoting him when he asked Conan,Do you know the Riddle of Steel boy? To not have statues of the only black star seems racist. Not to mention statues of Akiro the wizard played by Mako in both movies and also served as narrator for both movies. But that is another tale.:smiling_imp: Get a clue or find employees that actually know something about the franchise.

Err… you seem to feel pretty strongly about this. Are you sure attacking the game designers is the best way to get your message through?

Thing is, there’s only so much content any game designer can release in a given DLC. This time Funcom chose to focus on the handful of main characters. There’s no way they could add statues of every character in the movies and keep the DLC cost accessible.

And before you point fingers and toss accusations, did you consider the possibility that Funcom may not have got the rights to use the likeness of James Earl Jones and Mako in their game?

There are no inconsistencies here, just a lack of content features you may have wanted.


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Yes, a statue of Thulsa Doom would’ve been ace, but they chose instead to depict the heroes. The Wizard, crucial role though he played, was a background character.

Akiro was a main character. He brought Conan back from death and is the only character other then Conan in both movies. On top of that he was the narrator. Without him there would have been no the destroyer and Doom would have won.

I stand by what I said. A background character with a crucial role, but not one of the heroes, not in the ‘82 movie anyway.

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