Fix the Server transfer now please

I am stuck on a dead server and I can’t transfer… when do you think you have fixed it so I can transfer again ??? When I try to transfer it just say -11-11, what does this mean ?

I just tried again and now it says this ??? :

Perhaps this answers your question.

This should probably be reported as a bug, since the cooldown num,bers are not supposed to be negative. I would recommend opening a topic in one of the following forums, depending on your platform:

When posting the bug report, the forum software will give you a template of what to write. Please try to fill out all the information that you can, because it’s valuable for the devs.


relog and try again.

its a display bug.

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Was server transfer turned off for a bit? Is the whole transfer thing being rolled back? (Sorry, I’m not up on the current news)

It was turned off for short period of time. Now its on 30 day timer while they resolve some issue behind the scenes. Full details posted slightly above.

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