"Fixed Keys" allow Rebinding of NumPad and Camera Control


Hey everyone! So I have been working on “Perfecting” my keybinds and just trying to give AO a more modern feel and realized I am having trouble using my Razer Naga. For those who don’t know, the Naga is a gaming mouse that has 12 keys on the side created for MMO’s.

The Naga utilizes the Num-Pad to bind most of these keys. What I found out is for some insane (imo) reason Anarchy Online has fixed keys bound to a few of the buttons on the num-pad and WILL NOT allow you to rebind them. Is there a way around this? I can control my camera without the numpad. I dont need it to control the camera.

I am assuming someone with more know how of the games preferences files would know a way around this and could hopefully help me out as I would love to open these keys up and bind them to my mouse.

TLDR; Is there a way to “unlock” the fixed keys by adjusting something in the prefs folder or else where in the game files? How would I go about this? Should I just bind things to something else in the Razer software and give up?



So with some ingenuity I was able to figure out a way to do this…while its a little funky it seems to be working just fine for me.

  1. Browse to:
    C:\Program Files\Funcom\Anarchy Online\cd_image\gui\default\OptionPanel

  2. Right-Click the File titled “HotKeys” -> Open With -> Choose Notepad

  3. Find this line of text:

HotKeyGroup label=“Fixed keys” mode=“fixed”

  1. Remove the “mode=“fixed”” so that the line looks like this now…

HotKeyGroup label=“Fixed keys”

  1. Save the “HotKeys” file and Log into Anarchy Online.

  2. You will now be able to “edit” the fixed keys. The problem now is that it won’t let you just erase them. And you can’t use the num-pad keys still because they are still bound. What you can do though is go through the “Fixed Keys” and change them (Double Click on Them). The only key I find necessary is the “Reset Fixed Camera pos” so I went through and change them all to H Which gives this option to erase the one it was previously saved to…ultimately clearing out the keybind.


  1. Once you go through and erase the Fixed Binds you can then go through and rebind the keys (In my case the num-pad keys) to whatever you want. Presonally, I bound them to a new toolbar.

Hopefully that helps someone else out as I found this to be SUPER frustrating and dated.


I didn’t know that mouse used numpad keys; as for the keybinds being dated … well lol

Good information, should sticky.


Frustrating that they would “Lock” keybinds and not allow customization. As I did the research, I noticed this carries through to most Funcom games.

As with most things in AO, there was a work around. Gives me so many more options now!


Seems this works only on old engine for some reason. Working on a fix.


Figured it out, apparently it can be saved in a few places. Doing a quick windows search of “HotKeys” and following the same process on any file that pops up worked for me.


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