StrangeUI question

I went through all of the hotbar assignments and can’t seem to find where to assign keybinds to the circled area. Is this normal for strangeUI or is there something I’m missing?


They should be there somewhere, sometimes strangeUI buttons arent starting on every 1st option in the list, try to spread out some num-bar numbers on random spots in the list and hope u hit one on those spots

I went through all of them again. Maybe strange just doesn’t map to that location with 3x25? Although, I used to be able to map all of my buttons for my g600 mouse to that entire top row. I just forget if I was using strange or a different UI.

I used that three row one before, but also for the two row version it doesnt follow the the same order after the button u have assigned to five but i always managed to find it, strange :smiley:

Here’s the buttons in my 2row version, lets hope its the same.

there are no keybinds on those 12 slots on the right and left with the 3x25 setup, because the game does not provide enough keybinds ! only the 17 middle slots of all 3 lines have key binds.
the 3x21 setup offers all possible keybinds (but still has unbind-able slots).
note that there are still a few unused keybinds with the 3x25 setup (notably extended bar 15-20), feel free to get your hands dirty and set them where you feel it !

That’s what I was beginning to suspect. Thanks for the confirmation!

cappa bringing the facts :1st_place_medal:

One last thing: You said there are a few unused keybinds in the 3x25 setup. How difficult would it be to assign those (extended 15-20) to the area in my screenshot? I wouldn’t even know how to begin going about that. Those top few are really the only ones I use, as I use the g600 for combos along with some clicking.

it’s very easy once you get how it functions.

Yeah, I don’t know how it functions, lol. Was digging through the files and just found some XMLs. Am I looking for a specific file? Which one?

it’s in Data\GUI\Customized\Views\HUD, find the file named bottombar.xml

near the bottom of the file, you need to change

<ShortcutView name="sr_upper_right_second" layout_borders="Rect(3,0,110,2)" first_slot="200012" slot_count="4" />


<ShortcutView name="sr_upper_right_second" layout_borders="Rect(3,0,110,2)" first_slot="20114" slot_count="4" hotkeyrange_start="Shortcutbar_Extra2_15" hotkeyrange_length="4" />

I think that would fix the 4 top right slots.
You may need to do a /reloadui in game to apply the change.
I did not test it, so if you try it, report the outcome please =) . It may also break something if i was wrong, so backup the file before working on it !

Keybinds should be extended bar 2 15 to 18.

That worked perfectly, Thanks!

you’re welcome =)

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