Why Cant I bind all keys?

I play left handed and use arrow keys but for some reason I cant bind several keys on that side. I need to know if this is here to stay because if not its a refund since I cant play the game.

Hello, can you tell me what keys you aren’t able to bind? Thanks

end, r, insert, space, backspace, side mouse buttons, middle mouse etc.

Ok thank you, I will have somebody look into this for the next patch. Coming soon! /Mark

2 or 3 patches in now and still no change. I tried with a controller but it’s unplayable when it still uses mouse controls with analogue sticks.

I move foreward with my mouse (since Doom).
I mapped “w” to my right mousebutton with my mouse software, but unequiping armor items is fixed with right mousebutton and cant be remapped.
I would really appreciate it if this get fixed.

This is the first turn based strat game i try.
Normaly its not my cup of tea (i play fps`s mostly), but the artstyle, atmosphere, oldskool flavor and lore of this game got me hooked.
Please dont let this keymapping issue be the reason i abandon this. (or let me swap the Steam version for the PS4 version :slight_smile: )

What “next patch”? ^^

I get the impression that there is 0 feedback from the defs/mods on this official Technical Support forum.
Am i wrong? (hope so)

This is something that bugged me during the demo and appears to persist in the release version. I have a Logitech G502 mouse. I use one of the two thumb buttons on the side as a push to talk button for Discord. Those buttons are also the preconfigured mouse buttons that switch between characters so every time I want to talk I switch characters. I can’t change the buttons because even though the bindings screen tells me those buttons are in use I can’t change those mouse buttons to something else because they don’t appear to be listed on the bindings screen.

Can all the bindings be added so they can be changed or can someone tell me which bindings they are so I can change them? Only Tab and L Shift appear to be listed for switching characters.

I second this. Also: The spacebar shouldn’t be used for speeding up the enemies turn AND confirm a move on yours. I have accidentally moved my characters into horrible positions so many times T_T

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Thank you for the feedback! I’ve forwarded your suggestion to the dev team.

In 2003 you could map all keys in all pc games :wink:

Dear developers,
The most gamebreaking issue regarding remaping the keys is this: You can’t bind the same key to different actions.
You should at least be able to bind the same key for a tactical and a real time action since they never happen simultaneously.
Thenk you for an amazing game!

Thank you for the suggestion. We will forward it to the dev team :slight_smile:

In the future, please make a new thread if you have a suggestion or a bug to report instead of bumping a thread that’s several month old.