The W button bug

I was playing the secret world legend for the last few days
At first the game runs beautifully
But the today I experienced a very annoying bug.
Every time I try to move my character, pressing wasd it’s automatically tonggle the HUD and the mouse appears instead of the targeting .
If i try to move
My camera will just look at the back
This is a really annoying and afect especially when I’m in comebat
How can I fight if I just push my back toward the enemise

With the info provided it sounds like your Keys got remapped. Have you checked them?

Yup, that sounds like the effect which is usually keybound to V

Thanks couldn’t remember where it used to be bound to xD, removed my from there long ago … too close to C, and i never need it quickly so no readon to have it that close at hand, unlike screenshots :wink:

I have set the key bound but the problem still there

So was the movement key bound wrong?