Flame Javelin Bug? (they stand there without attacking soldiers)

Don’t know if the thing is intended, never noticed this before the patch.
Now i notice that the flame javelin just throw some javelin here and there at buildings, and stands there, never attack soldier. it’s intended or a bug? Because there are some waves were i was attacked by a lot of them, but they did just 1 attack then i was killing them without problems. playing solo, noticed in mission 2 and custom mode.

Hey @Bretyl,

When it comes down to setting up some of these enemy unit behaviors you begin to notice that even when it comes to human simulations, some Javelin throwers just want to see the world burn…

but on the real, there will be a future fix that minimizes the throwers from just watching things burn… cause they do seem like they enjoy that too much and that is a bit disturbing…

thanks a lot, for the future fix and for the funny reply <3 love the game so far