Flawless Armor only +Grit?

So on testlive certain flawless armor sets give +7 grit, making the sets literally better than anything else in the game (zamorian thief, aquilonian).

No other sets have this. Will other sets buff other stats? Will they buff grit?

Whats the deal here?

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Not the latest dev stream, but the one before that, addresses this. The plan is for each armor to have an “elite” version unlocked at the level cap. These have their stats normalized by weight (light/medium/heavy) And add to players stats according to the set.

Consider the current situation as a Test. Can we have armor that boosts a stat? What’s the stat everyone needs, but will cause the least problems?


The plan seems to be to make it possible to reach +10 by combining armor and war paint.

Hyborian slaver armor gives bonus to strength.

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