Flesh Bond + Golem = Player deflection: Bug or Feature?

Was running on my 20% corrupted build with a golem and noticed that when I was attacked by npcs they would sometimes do the deflect stagger animation when hitting me. Tried it with a teammate and it seemed like weapon attacks that don’t have shieldsmash would give them a deflect.

  • It doesn’t prevent me from taking damage, it seems like golem isn’t taking their flesh bond portion when it procs.
  • Some cursory testing in SP seemed to suggest it follows the star metal vulnerability rule regarding deflection (but not damage).

I’m hoping to get some actual test time with this soon, console testing is cumbersome. Anyone got some insight/experience with this interaction? My initial thought was that it could be a nice counter to light spam play styles (daggers, katana, etc.).

Am I misunderstanding something here? :slight_smile:

Based on your title one would assume you get some “secret” additional deflection capabilities on your player, but then you say that it doesn’t prevent you from taking damage. So essentially there isn’t a case of any player deflection and only your golem is deflecting it’s 33% portion of the damage, correct?

If so, then that matches what I’m seeing in the code, and indeed the weapon itself is passed on as the source of the damage as if your follower was hit by the same weapon - as such the star metal vulnerability does apply in full, including the 8x damage increase

You will still get the animation that results from the “glancing” mechanic, but the damage still applies. Meaning Teimos tries to spear you, hits you and gets the stagger effect like “glancing” a golem. Split damage is applied to you, none to golem. Star metal weapons don’t seem to have this interaction.

Oh, I see… so you’re not talking about the damage deflection, but the block / stagger feedback on the attacker. Yea I guess that’s a bit “out of place” and might look weird.

However, essentially when the NPC hits you, it’s also simultaneously hitting the golem, so the feedback is completely valid in the background :stuck_out_tongue:

I would say that’s a slightly unforeseen interaction, however the golem actually not getting damaged, that one is a feature, since when you share damage with normal thralls, they have food regeneration and other health regen effects active to counteract that, all the golem has on the other hand is the deflect so I’d say that’s completely fair for them to be able to deflect shared damage as well.

(In any case I was gonna say that might be complicated to “fix” as they have to transfer the information that this was a shared damage across several core functions :stuck_out_tongue: but no, I actually already see a good solution… This shared damage is armor ignoring, just like bleed and poison - neither of which you’d expect to cause a rebound either -, so they could just add a condition to only do the shield rebound if the damage is not of the armor ignoring type, which would solve this.)

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It definitely seemed odd to me. Not that I really mind it, I actually think it’s a neat use case on a corrupted build. I think it could keep you from being combo’ed by an opponent in PvP and could be an interesting way to combat lock on dagger spam. I’d have to better test that before making any concrete claims in that regard.

It might be worth noting that corrupting your Authority reduces the chance for golems to glance damage.

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The golem shaping page on the wiki is a great piece of source material on golem mechanics and the first place I checked for info on this interaction. Didn’t see anything mentioning the specific interaction there or anywhere else here on the forums. Golems and corrupted Authority seem pretty opposed, I just happened to have one on me to test for someone else.

Which seems so very odd.
Golems being unnatural animated fueled by magic, and corrupting a stat being an embrace of sorcery in setting.

One might be forgiven for expecting corrupted Authority to work better for Undead, Summons, and Constructs… all being products of sorcery in some form.
Whereas it likely should not work as well on living people who yet have minds (as brutally conditioned and damaged as they might be) and natural animals.

It is possible corrupted Authority perks not giving glancing chance was unintended, as the perks are referenced individually, so the dev assigning them might have just forgotten in the moment that there were more perks to consider.


Nah :rofl:
These have “Made in Khitan” stamped on their butts, they’re knock-off LEGO pieces :smiley: Though it does make you wonder why “motivational speaking” (authority) has any effect on them at all…

Authority was Charisma in the Beta. Expertise used to be Craftsmanship. There was a big discussion (more than I think was needed, but I was the minority here) about changing the names of these attributes to maintain the SAVAGE acronym.

Anyway, the idea that Charisma was inline with the modern table top definition where its the force of will/persuasion version more than the perception of how others see the individual. Authority is a somewhat synonym of that.

Now how does that attribute to better orders being given to a non-sentient animate object? I dunno, but its fantasy so it just works.

Since the perks that give a bonus to the glance chance are all individually referenced, they could add any perk they wanted. So nothing stopping Structural Integrity giving bonus glance chance.


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