Unable to harm or kill crystalline golem on official PvP server


Hello guys,

S today I got message from fellow player, that there is an enemy golem near his base and asked me to help him kill it. The point is, the golem does not take ANY damage whatsoever.

So I wanted to ask, if this is intentional and one has to have another ways to harm top tier golem, or if it’s just a bug. Should be possible to harm him tho, because my two crystalline golems died after two purges I summoned yesterday.

Any ideas?

A fully crystalline golem would have about 16000 hp afaik and has the ability to glance damage (small chance of an attack not doing any damage).

It could be its just very durable. Golems have a vulnerability to star metal, so try star metal weapons (star metal gains 8x damage multiplier against golems)

It is unable to heal, so just chip away.

For this purpose I turned on numbers on lifebars, which I don’t use. He literaly does not take ANY damage, no matter how hard and how long I am hitting him, he is still on his 20 000 HP. :slight_smile: It is not about regenerating, nor anything like this.

Well sounds like a bug, or an exploit of some sort…

What weapons are you using?

We tried legendaries and also star metal, which (they said) should break through their natural defense, or something like this? I am not sure, I never tried to kill enemy golem.

Maybe it would be better to report it, but it sounds funny to call admins to delete single thrall. There is no claim around, so he is going to decay eventually. This was more like feedback, that sometimes the golems aparently get bugged.

Was the golem scouting, guarding or following? Was it during raid time?

The golem was in guarding mode, apparently he is leftover from another player’s decayed base. We tried to kill him during PvP time, he was attacking and hurting us, though he was invincible to any kind of attack.

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