Floating cant climb anything

So anyone else having this problem it does fix itself after awhile but as soon as I load up I’m floating around my base up stairs where I cant climb anything looks like I’m falling arms and legs flailing about lol.1553860144796719305413206929447415538602112961942487098837575333

I have seen that before with the PC version. Not sure exactly what causes it. I expect it is something of a character placement desync between your game client and the server. Server locks the character in at one position, but the game client doesn’t get that data correctly with “boots on the ground”. The result is the awkward sort of floaty freefalling animation, just above the ground. The hard collisions then displace you (like stairs), but they displace you a relative distance, which still the game client doesn’t offset correctly.

When I have seen that previously, exiting the game client, and relaunching has fixed. Not sure the cause. I figure it might be a couple of dropped packets, or desync upon login, or other event.

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Yes I restarted it work it was primarily over stairs and trap doors I couldn’t even fall through my trap door until I removed the door.

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