Floating on foundation glitch Returns & frequent crashing

Game mode: Online PvP
Problem: Crash | Bug
Region: Canada (Using American servers) EST
Server: Official America 2510

Hey, I’m new to the the forum, my name is Alex from Canada. Awesome game you guys have created, endless hours of fun. There are a few frequent issues I’d like to address that would make the experience exponentially better!

  1. FLOATING on FOUNDATIONS AND CEILINGS. This bug was reported for xbox and PS4 at least once in the past. (ht tps://forums.funcom.com/t/floating-on-foundations-ceilings/102268). I have played for weeks without this issue and now I can’t start the game without floating in specific places in my base. The affected areas are different every time.

  2. Crashing. I haven’t done much looking into the issue, but this is a frequent problem. To start I can’t sign directly into an online server, I must first sign into a single player game and then I can sign into an online one. Otherwise I will crash in the first 30 seconds of play, every single time. I found that starting a single player game trick on reddit. I don’t know why it works… It just does. Even after that, its not a question of if I will crash, but when am I going to crash. I can usually get 1-3 hours of play before crashing. But I will inevitably crash. The 5 other people I play with have the same problems with the same fix. I’ve taken to restarting the game every 2 hours of play so I have a little more control over when the restart will occur. There is no bias to the crashes. They are completely random.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
I can’t think of a sequence of steps that would help recreate this issue.

Hi Alex, welcome to the forums, and thank you for reaching out!

This is related to loading into areas with many constructions, so certain building collisions are not loaded correctly, which is something we aim to improve/fix as soon as possible.

This issue is also known and on the developer’s plate, and while previous patches have addressed performance and certain crashes, we’re continuously working on reproducing and addressing any that still remain.

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