Foeshatter, the Two handed axe

I got the game a few days after release, I started as a Nordheimer who worships Ymir. I was a little disappointed when i learned there was no two handed axes in the game until i realized i choose the only religion that could make a two handed axe. Through the game i had one goal in the back of my head, to get that axe and when the day came when i finally got my hand on star metal, I got disappointed once more, when i realized the axe that have the description “This two-handed axe is rimed in frost and…” is not actually a two handed axe.

My suggestion is making the axe a Two handed one, and giving it heat protection as the other ymir axe have.


This sounds great, I want a 2 handed battle axe. The game does not have this? I will have to find out.