Follower bug issue

Game mode: - Online official
Type of issue: - Bug
Server type: - PvE
Region: Europe

Hello, I’m hoping you can help me, I’m playing Conan Exiles on an official server, and while fighting a boss ( Red Mother ) as usual, my follower got stuck, but this time it also disappeared, I managed to kill the boss alone from that point, but I could not find the follower, even though I was right on top of it on the map, I figured I’d move away and maybe it would teleport back to me, by the time I got to the Brute’s location, also a boss in Unnamed City, it said, my follower died while following me… but for no reason… it was fighting nothing… also she was extremely strong… nothing could kill her to be honest, and I lost the very much worked for, Sword Of Crom(with expert fitting) Godbreaker Grips, Champion leggings, Silent Legion pauldron, Epic Hyperborian Slaver boots, and Hood of the executioner, all STR items, + my Dalinsia(named God Killer) lvl 16-18 I don’t remember how much she had gotten… since I had 0 controll over this sittuation, and considering I am a paying customer of your game, it does not seem like it was my fault in any way, if I had killed her in lava or something, I would not be writing to you, is there any possible way to regain my stuff ? and/or the follower all together ? I’m patiently awaiting your reply, thank you for your time, and have a nice day !
P.S. This happened roughly about 12 hours ago , if the information helps, also please let me know what other info you need from me.

I am sorry that you have lost your stuff, I know the feeling. Unfortunately, as you are playing on an official server you are out of luck. Funcom doesn’t restore any items.

I was expecting this answer to be honest, but tought I’d at least give it a shot, ty for your time, have a nice day !

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