All followers gone

I previously submitted a ticket on this and it was not resolved. So i want to know if there is any solution that can be made. I have had a decent amount of hours in conan exiles in single player (XBOX) and have had no technical issues until age of war… When i first went on boom… ALL my followers had vanished, plz. if someone knows of anything that can be done, i could use the help. VERY disappointed with this.

Theres no way of getting them back, since singleplayer dosent have a save system , so your best of just going into admin mode and spawnimg back what you lost .

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Welcome to the Forums right you can’t consider it cheating repairing a glitch. You mentioned making a report was this to Zendesk?

Hello Stezy and welcome to Conan Exile’s forums.
Unfortunately, he neither Arien that we can do to that Funcom will not be able to help you. I’ve been believing in your message that you were playing in solo mode… The only Solution is to make NPCs appear with the administrator panel.
Insofar as you will undermine with the NPCs you had lost: that is not cheating, moreover it or to this means that you could find your enslaved NPCs.

Now it is important to know these NPCs that are disappeared.
-1 An error on your part in the adjustment of the game (the decrease of the NPCs has been enabled to be activated or to be poorly configured)
-2 A bug, in this case submit a bug report in the appropriate section of the forum by esplicating all the stages having led to this bug.
good luck and good c continuation

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