I was stuck in between 2 followers in Conan Exiles of Socery. Cannot move. Plz help me out!

I was stuck in between 2 followers. Cannot move at all…even though I restart, on&off the console and exit/return the game


Pull your bracelet so you can respawn in your bed or bedroll, then go retrieve your corpse and thralls.
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Before you remove your bracelet you have plemty more options if you play single player.
You can go to settings and cheat asking to become admin.
Then go to admin panel and either fly either become a ghost.
If you play on server and you happen to carry a katana with you use the dash attack of katana, you will pass though your followers.
Last but not least, a trick @Kazalakis teach me, go first person. Ask your followers to follow you and then look on an empty spot and give quick order to move, they will and you will be released!(it works always no matter how blocked you are)

Normally, if this happens again and you cannot do anything from the above in an official server, then log out for at least 20 minutes. Your thralls will abandon you and return home.


Learn to carry a katana with u whenever u have a follower with u.

Can unstuck u from inside of horse/camel/rhinos also


Dont kill your self. Just log off and they with scout and go back home.
Get a snack and come back, they will be gone.
Same with mounts

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