Hello exiles (more title)

Has the follower list problem been solved yet?

Conan exiles team we have lost alot of hours and followers people have lost items and buildings please let us know what we can expect i currently dont even want to play

Thank you for reading

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Single player or online?

Singleplayer currently

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When it’s the last time you deleted and download again?

Just recently i can finally play again but im still missing about above 70 followers if not more my entire follower list has been wiped

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:confused:, sorry m8! I can see a reason, but you have to check it your own. Check the number of followers you are allowed to have on your single player. Maybe the update restored these numbers in really low number and the system deleted randomly followers. We can adjust the maximum number of followers on our admin panel if i am not mistaken, i have some time to touch these settings, so i cannot say for sure.
In any case, it shouldn’t happen, but it did!


Yeah i have no clue what this is about i literally lost so much my frost giants my yetis my golems my undead it took me ages of war to get that shit and honestly i love this game alot and respect the team but this dude im seeing hours upon hours that i have just lost within a single update so im just really frustrated and hope some how this gets solved

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I even created an army of thunnha and lets not even start on the time i spent leveling some of em up​:cry::pensive:

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i know the pain in my own single player game i was doing a Drow priestess of lolth build with a demon spider boss spawned as a thrall for the “drider” look with the zath religion for flavor and farming a lot of spider eggs trying to fill up my “lolth temple” with a lot of spiders and what not and then the foundation bug hit and a lot of my build went poof and the thralls that i had fell thru the world or died from fall damage. same thing happened to a online PvE-C game i had going for a few years with a werewolf build with a max level Jhebbal Sag temple to get the Claws of Jhebbal Sag. lost that to the age of war build bug and a lot of resources that i was farming for the age of war treasure room i was building over around 2+ years building it up poof gone. and i was not even using any DLC/item shop build sets and age of war comes out sorry but your buildings “lost stability” and de-spawned with all the crates full of treasure/building mats/weapons/armor and that max level temple gone.


Dude thats really not cool honestly we deserve compensation gifts for inconvience every tbh that has lost something during an update like im not the one to be that guy but the 300 hours i put into each map im even afraid to go look on my other map because i just cannot face the loss of hours on that 600 hours have gone to waste and im not okay with that as mainly my time has been put setting every pet thrall up and making armors and everything for them like honestly i think this is reason enough for me to leave the game cuz who knows next time ill lose everything again so whats the point then and it hurts to think about bc im a great fan of this game and everyone makes mistakes but to me this is one expensive mistake as u cannot take time back

Greetings Exiles,

Thank you for reaching out to us. The issue was fixed on yesterday’s patch.

Regarding the loss of stability, we released another announcement here:

We appreciate your support and patience while continue to try to improve our Lands.


Thank you @Mayra i continue to support conan exiles but yall have to come up with another way to compensate because 600 hours lost and as gift we can double xp is an insult

None the less i support yall but my loyalty to this game is damaged


it is not the loss of resources/items/thralls/buildings it is the loss of time it took to build/farm/place/decorate in my case i had a offline game i have been playing on since conan came out on the PS4 i could live with the missing things after the age of sorcery invisible enemies, conans bar, missing books, but after the age of war update i logged in to play with the new treasure room and hoping for a revamp of the purge and it was all gone all the building i had been doing for years gone and you think doing this will fix it

Challenge XP multiplier boosted by x5

Challenge daily reset increased to 20

Resource spawn rates doubled on all Official Servers

Resource harvest rates tripled on PvE Official Servers

Thrall and pet conversion rates twice as faster on all Official Servers

this will not do anything for me in a offline game and if you think this will convince me to play online again until you put out a fix for the building bug and all the invisible mobs that are all over the game since the age of sorcery and have a BIG PATCH NOTE showing this being fixed i might play the game again otherwise this game is dead to me.

Thats what i mean my exile friend getting and losing all those things cost us time alot of it

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