Follower Distance not working correctly

Hey everyone,
while exploring the revamped Siptah I moved with my rhino to Asura Waterfalls to inspect the small cave. The Rhino Mount had the highest follower distance. As I was inside the cave the mount got beamed into the cave and blocked permanently the entry. Even with crouching and resetting the Follower Distance to “push” it back, was there no way to get free.

TestLive Client - Public Test Server -EU- PvE C- Isle of Siptah

I uploaded a short 30 sec video on my channel to show you the problem

Stay safe and healthy everyone :slight_smile:

@Ignasi @krish

Carry a katana always. I consider it the Conan “/stuck” self help button.

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hehe, but I like my Rhino, so i never would harm it…even if it is blocking my way.

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