Following Distance Option


One of most irritating issues to me in this game is the following distance of followers and mounts. It piss me off when my mout come too close of me blocking my way or pinning me in the corner or ground. Sometimes my mount have even pinned me in the ground/wall and I had to suicide to escape.

Please look to a old game called Neverwinter Nights and look how you can control the distance the follower can keep behind you.

Please add this option to follower painel: Follow Distance - Near, Medium, Far.

Thats all.


In my latest of many wonderful adventures with ridiculously buggy followers I climbed a small ways up a cliff face to escape boss croc aggro and let the croc fight my thrall. Well I’m on the wall and my horse gets lonely and decides to just teleport 20 feet into the air. Now the horse is floating in the air and occupying the same space as me so I can’t move at all. Can’t climb up, can’t climb down. Of course I can’t jump because I’m hanging on to the wall. In desperation I mount my horse which amazingly works and we both fall to the ground. Some poorly-conceived anti-cheat code kicks in and the boss croc disengages from combat and runs back to his spawn point immediately healing from 10% up to 100% health. Yay bugs!


Lucky. Every time my horse teleports on top of me while climbing or near cliff edges it just knocks me off.

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