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Ok, today the last insult …

Relic Hunter Treasure Seeker Archer: they already come with a curse for which they get 80% growth chance in AGILITY and 55% in Accuracy … they RARELY go above 60% in Accuracy, and NEVER above 65% (I’ve had about 50 in these years and not a single one came with more than 65% accuracy).

Ok, this ■■■■■■ me off, but I can live with this … but today it happened that, upon reaching level 10, this f**ker got HIGH STRUNG … +5 agility, -3 accuracy !

Are you kidding me ? An ARCHER with High Strung ?
This had me wondering about how stupid and wrong this system is:

It’s stupid that Thralls get perks that work AGAINST their role.
Also, these “perks” … hell, they are ridicoulus.

+5 agility … wow ! Now this thrall is really a step above others !
Not even counting the -3 on Accuracy, +5 on Agility is a ridicoulus perk. And I don’t even want to talk about SURVIVAL, which is a the worst joke.

So I thought … can’t we have useful perks ? Something like these:

HUNTER: +20% Bow Damage against Animals.
SHARPSHOOTER: +100% Damage on Bow Heavy Attack.
EAGLE EYE: +10 Accuracy

BERSERKER: +10% Damage with Greatswords
HEAVY INFANTRY: +15% Damage if wielding a Shield.
PIKEMAN: +10% Damage with Spears

This is a simple system that replace those useless, stupid and wrong perks with NORMAL and USEFUL ones. But if the devs wants to, we can even have a more complex system with:

T1 Perks (Lv.10): Stat Perks
ARCHERS: +10 Accuracy || +10 Vitality || +10 Agility
FIGHTERS: +10 Strenght || +10 Vitality || +10 Agility

T2 Perks (Lv.15): Role Perks
ARCHERS: Hunter (+20% vs Animals), Sharpshooter (+100% on Heavy Attack), etc…
FIGHTERS: Bersker (+10% with Greatswords), Heavy Infantry (+15 with Shield), etc…

T3 Perks (Lv.20): Unique Ability
ARCHERS: Venomous Arrow (Consumes 1 unit of poison on Heavy Attack, applies 10 stacks of said poison), Bleeding Arrow (Heavy Attack applies 3 stacks of Bleeding), etc…

FIGHTERS: similar stuff

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Just look at it this way. In 3.0 if you get a Fighter with mostly agility perks, equip them with agility weapons. If you get an archer with mostly strength perks then you’re kinda boned.

Just a FYI, the hidden modifiers while mitigated (nerfed across the board), are still present and can still equal or in some cases exceed the bonuses granted from Strength and Agility. Unfortunately the wiki will be out of date until it can be updated with the new information, so the only way to see these modifiers for 3.0 is to login testlive and use admin commands.

GetFollowerStat damagemodifiermelee
GetFollowerStat damagemodifierranged


There should be a re-roll perk potion you can use now with 3.0. So getting bad perks aren’t so bad when you can reset them.


Yeah all that changes in the 3.0. No accuracy anymore.


Ok, the re-roll potion is a good thing.
But even then … don’t you feel the actual perk system is “improvised, makeshift” ?

English is not my first language, so forgive my bad use of some terms

BTW, when a Thrall gets a Perk, it should be a PERK. They should be a step above the other, at least in some things.

Honestly, when I’ve heard about Thralls getting Perks, years ago, I thought it was something more like the things I proposed. Not the actual stuff.

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As I said, its all different. Never got a bad perk in test.

So i think your more or less saying, perks are boring and could be way more interesting then just a stat change. They either get a boost to stat or a stat trade and thats super broing, I agree and I have a super sneaky feeling, that a big thrall pass is probably on the way. :slight_smile: just what i think, but its probably gonna be after 3.0.
I think it would be really cool, to rework the perk system and add more interesting things for them to learn.

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I dont mind the perk system honestly. The game has so many moving parts I think if some things are flat, that’s okay. Lots of time for future embellishment.

Thank you for the information . Seems strange that the info you need the most is hidden from view, but information that isn’t really impactful is displayed. The bad thing is that the visible info is the info that so infuriates players and hidden info sounds like it would not.

I actually got one - not sure if there was a second one or not though:

Mind you, I lived literally next door to Sepemeru, farmed probably…not sure how many, but I used to run a 8-man wheel (sometimes even more - had two in total) at least once a day, for a better part of half a year (mostly RHTS archers, as I’d place them - and unless they hit a certain threshold - 65% at accuracy and >55% in agi and vit - I would just delete them without bothering to level them up), so the total could’ve been in “a few hundreds”.

Of those, I ended up having something like 6-8 “archers”, both with Lissa & Mangudhai along the RHTS-A.

Yes, yes, exactly ! This is what I was trying to say.
It would be nice to have a system with perks that impact more on the game and, maybe, forces the player to set the thrall with certain Equip (Weapons/Armor) instead of having every single one with the same asset.

The system I briefly proposed is SIMPLE and ensures this: having a Fighter that gets +10% damage with Swords likely makes you think that maybe you can give him a Sword (weapon he is best with) instead than the usual Greatsword / Tenderizer that are the most used ones.

That’s more an ai problem and their lack of dodge than anything else.

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