Followers Disappear 'Swimming'

Game mode: Single-player
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: North America
Mods?: Yes
Edition: Steam

Bug Description:

I recently returned to my base camp to find several of my thralls had disappeared – two sort-of. A horse’s head & saddle were sticking up out of the ground; the Interact menu comes up on mouse-over, but I cannot interact. A bearer’s pack was also protruding from the ground nearby, but I was able to pluck her out. I am missing about three Fighters I had lined up near a fence; three Performers all dancing in a group; plus a pack rhino. There are ‘swimming’ sounds all around, and the dancers provide normal corruption-reducing effects; everyone appears in my Followers list as well as their icon on the map when toggled.

Today I died, and shortly after returning to camp, my Bearer thrall came back, but she appeared in the air, swimming. No matter where I place her or even if I get her to follow for a while, she swims. I haven’t seen if she can fight yet. I uninstalled all mods, and that fixed her swimming, but the rest are still not in sight, and the underwater sounds continue.

I have a screen shot.

Expected Behavior:

Thralls shouldn’t disappear, nor ‘air-swim’.

Installed Mods:

300 Level
Better Thralls
Devious Desires
Shameless & Shy
75% More Women
LT’s Compass Minimap
Fence Gates
WYSYWIG Wheel of Pain
T4 Medium Increase Spawn
SP Boss HP
Out of the Wheel
Pause on Escape

Steps to Reproduce:

I cannot reproduce – it persists. I could send a save file…?

It’s a known issue in SP games, and they’re currently looking at it. But we’re still waiting for a solid fix, that’s a fact.

The easiest, still bit cheaty way, is set you as admin, ghost under the map, and set them to follow when you spot your followers, then go up again. You can get them back with the “rescue” option, but they will lose al stuff. Keep in mind that with time, they can go far down.

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Sorry… “set you as admin…”? Not sure what you mean. Set myself to run as Admin? Or you (Funcom) sets me? How do I “ghost under the map”?

Go into server settings in game, scroll down until you see admin, click it. Then activate the admin menu, look for ‘Ghost’ in the the left admin menu, tick it, then proceed to fly under the map at your missing thralls last location. Either set them to follow mode or manually grab them and place them back at your base. Preferably on foundations.

Literally every single time I die, my thralls are under the map, forcing me to go into admin panel so I can noclip through the ground to retrieve them. It’s getting on my nerves.

That appears to have fixed it (for now?). Thanx to all. :slight_smile:

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