Followers still not performing combos properly

Game mode: Online
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PVE
Region: Asia

Followers (especially surge type warriors) will only perform two attacks each cycle with a two-handed weapon or three when switching to a mace.

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Hey @dmw33

Thank you for reporting this issue.
We’re currently looking into an issue of specific thrall types not able to combo properly due to a datatable misconfiguration. We’ll aim to have this addressed soon.
If you find any more particular instances of this error happening, please let us know.

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@Ignasi I’d just like to add that apparently the 2H thralls (CimBer being the poster boy - or girl - of that category) seem to be able to correctly use the trunceon 1H weapon (do series of strikes instead of just 1).

Haven’t tested it with a 1H weapon, but I’ll try to do so and make an update.

@Ignasi Hopefully the Relic Hunter Treasure Seeker is among those specific thrall types. I have posted many bug reports about them and was assured they are getting looked into.

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