Relic Hunter Treasure Seekers still wont combo in 2.4

While it appears most thralls do have their combo abilities back in 2.4, none of the five different fighter types (sword, shield, dagger, spear, orb) of the Relic Hunter Treasure Seeker are capable of combos with a mace or 1h axe. However, the spear version of the RHTS will still combo with a 2h sword. It doesn’t feel right though, that there are zero Relic Hunters capable of using a mace or axe and only one of five capable of using a 2h sword.

Please fix this before releasing 2.4! The mace is my weapon of choice for thralls and the RHTS is my fighter of choice, but I am no longer able to use them together.

There is also an issue with a specific legendary 1h axe (The Festering One), which cannot be used by ANY THRALLS at all. I realize this is a separate issue and I can open a separate thread on it if preferred.


So far I have only test 2 different RHTS since 2.4 released to testlive. My results are a little different. The 2 tested are the one handed sword wielding RHTS and the one with the sword and shield. So far I have only tested them with a one handed sword and a great sword. They will both do combos with both weapons but only a 2 attack combo max.

I have reported the Festering One before the patch in the testlive section of the forum. Sadly, like so many posts in testlive, it did not receive a reply from a moderator. I have yet to test the Festering One since the 2.4 patch due to having to start a new game since the patch put the size of the game over my SSD’s storage limit and I haven’t gotten it to drop yet.

Whatever the issue is with the Festering One, I think it would be good to apply it to the Sword of Crom. :rofl:

I play SP with no mods.

Your results are not different than mine. Let’s be clear, when I say ‘combo,’ I am refering to a full combo. 2 hits in a row is not a full combo. The 1h sword and 1h axe, both have a 4-hit combo, the 2h sword has a 5-hit combo, and the mace (my personal favorite) utilizes a 6-hit combo. To say that Relic Hunters get 2 attacks in a row with swords, is not utilizing a weapon’s combo.

I tested each of the five variations of RHTS with 4 different weapons (1h sword, 2h sword, 1h axe and mace). None of them can do a full combo with the 1h sword, 2h sword or mace. The spear wielding Relic Hunter is the only one capable of a full combo but only with a 2h sword (not 1h sword, 1h axe or mace).

As I stated originally:

In this current iteration of 2.4 the Relic Hunter is acting the same as it does in the Live game and is very broken. If it were Dalinsia or the Cimmerian Berserker unable to combo the entire community would be in an uproar over it. Thankfully Dal and our Zerker friend are comboing fine with all of the above weapons.

PLEASE Funcom, I implore you to fix the Relic Hunter before releasing 2.4.


A lack of a response is not an indication that they missed your post. Please continue to report issues.


I just tested the Orb throwing RHTS and can confirm what is reported here. Except in the case of the orb thrower I cannot get a combo with any weapon. I tested with these legendary weapons: Daggers - The Shank, 1 handed Sword - the Predatory Blade and War Hammer - Hanuman’s Gada. So a very limited test. I don’t use the admin panel to spawn items in though and usually only use weapons I find within the game world.

@DaVice, sorry for the misunderstanding. Your original post did not state “full combo.”

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Also confirmed, but also I think I know why. I’m going to do a more in-depth check and send a report to Funcom afterwords based on my findings. :slight_smile:


The latest TestLive update did not fix the T4 Relic Hunter fighters.

I suspect T4 Relic Hunters accidently got lumped in with T1-2 thralls instead of with T3-4 thralls as they can still only use ‘basic combo attacks.’

PLEASE don’t let RHTS’s slip through the cracks Funcom!!! This is a serious problem that needs to be addressed.


Hello @DaVice, we’re aware of the issue and have forwarded the details provided in the thread to the team, thank you for sharing your findings.

@Technicolorfool apologies for the lack of response on your past thread, the issues with the Festering One (thrall combo and debuff application on shield hit) are also currently in the queue to be looked at.


Thank you Hugo. You rock! :+1:

This is GREAT news @Hugo!!! Thank you!!! :+1:

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