Following Problems After Recent Update on XBox One

I just did an update and i’m having the following issues. I never had these issues befor untill after the update in september 2020.

  1. When I turn the game on and the opening video of conan saving the woman comes on. It will lag and freez up two times then plays then the sound goes out of sink with the video. It will not let me click out of it to skip it.

  2. When knocking out thralls in and around sepermeru the white bar does not show up to tell me how much more I need to keep hitting them to knock them out and always results in killing them or not knocking them out.

  3. Textures go from being blury to clear and do so back and forth over time.

  4. Can’t pull items from the Tannery and have to go into it to do so while all the others let me pull from them from the outside.

  5. Show Contextual Controls keeps coming back on after it has been turned off.

  6. Adjust GUI reverts back every time I go in and out of locations that have a loading screen.

  7. I’m no longer able to zoom in and out on my character.

  8. When given the ability to click on Apprentice Butcher in the feats after reaching the proper level it will turn brown but no mater how many times I click it the icon will not turn green. It will only turn green after I have fliped through the diffrent tabs.

  9. When playing the game every now and then it will stop then close and go out of the game to my Xbox home screen.

  10. Scenery in the distant doesn’t load in any more until you are very close to it.

  11. When I pick up items it makes my character drink when not near water.

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Num 8 is been a bug for a long time practically since it was brought in the game as a feat

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