Following thralls refuse to attack unalert enemies


not really sure if this is meant to be like this, but I noticed it’s problem only at some particular places in the game.

Before it was about the “Target cannot be attacked”, now I experience mostly my thrall(s) getting the order right (“Ordered xxx to attack” shows up), so they go in the alert mode with their weapons, get closer to the enemy, but then stop at the line of enemy’s alert range, staying with their weapons drawed.

And in order to actually get them to attack, I as the player have to be the one who alerts the enemy, so he “wakes” up, and in that moment thralls wake up as well and start attacking him. Sadly in that moment the enemy goes aggro after the player, which ruins the whole concept of sending your thralls to get rid of the enemy, and it all becames chasing game (he runs after me, they run after him…)

Spaming the attack order more times doesn’t work. Also the place where I get this problem the most is Unnamed City, areas with bosses.

Anyone experiences this as well? Is there any way to solve it? Maybe another behavior to chose, or something like this?

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Pathfinding seems to break down when server activity goes up.

Yes, I see this all the time when there are a lot of people online. It starts happening at around perhaps 15-20 players, progressively gets worse throughout the twenties, and then starts entering the region of unplayability around 30+.

Servers run great during the wee hours of the morning when barely anybody is online.

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