Following up on a follow up...Dyable horse saddles

It was in the Q&A stream we received a glimmer of hope regarding horse saddles and the ability to dye them where there was said as summarized by Multigun

SO! I know you guys have been busy with all the various issues and things…
I was just wondering have this been followed up and what is the verdict?

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It certainly seems to be technically possible (whether or not there might be some other requirement that makes it unfeasible) - if Funcom are stuck, they could always ask Testerle :wink:


Being absolutely clueless when it comes to programming etc. I generally accept its possibly allot harder than I, in my lack of knowledge, might think. But then again these modders we have do make some things look allot easier than it probably is! :rofl:
I have no idea how much work goes into things like dying saddles, more hair colors and all that but I would love to hear Alex or someone of an official nature give some news…for science and of course our console brothers and sisters.
I am a pc man myself, but to be quite honest the response :"but isn’t there a mod that does that…’’ from a dev always leaves a bit of a sour taste in my mouth you know…with regards to our console brethren.

On the other hand…I am going to check out that mod right now! Thanks for mentioning it Dan! :metal:

Edit: Could you perhaps link that mod or give a name please :star_struck:

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I’m with you there - no idea how they manage it, just glad they do :wink:

And again I must agree :slight_smile: I love having the freedom to use mods, and I can understand why many are too niche to ever be part of the core game, but features that players have requested so vociferously would be great to see included. There’s so many aspects of this mod in particular that are things pc and console players have wished for so long and it would be fantastic if console players could get a chance to use these things.

Anyway - enough preamble - the mod you’re looking for is :

Lots of great features in addition to dying saddles :slight_smile:

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