Foot-to-ground system works only for a few seconds

Game mode: Single-player
Type of issue: Misc
Server type: Custom
Mods: No
Note: Applies to testlive and live versions.

The foot-to-ground system works only for a few seconds, after a while the character stands partly in the air.

  1. Take the character to the place with the stones.
  2. Try to put one character’s foot on the stone, the other on the ground.
  3. Wait 5-10 seconds.
  4. The character jumps up. The feet are at one height - one of them is in the air.
  5. Wait another 5-10 seconds.
  6. Random idle animation is played. The feet behave as if they had a flat surface underneath.
  7. You need to move character to make feet touched the ground again, but this effect will last only a few seconds (see point three).

Note: There is a second bug that completely blocks the foot-to-ground system. I will present it when I collect more data. You can fix it by removing the bracelet (suicide), but the problem I am describing remains and the feet touch the ground for only a few seconds after the character stops.

Edit: I changed the last point of reproduce and added a note.

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Hey @fito

We’re aware of some issues with animation offsets and our team is looking into it.
Just in case there would be something that escapes us, could you provide a video or screenshot showcasing this visual issue if possible?
Thanks in advance.

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I wrote back as soon I could :sweat:.

  1. Character holding a weapon standing partly on the rock remains in position E without any problem.

  1. Character without a weapon standing partly on the rock ( pose: A )
  • right leg is on a rock.
  • left leg is on the ground.
  1. After a few seconds, character jumps to idle standing ( pose: B )
  • jumps to - is the cause of the problem.
  1. After another few seconds, character passes to idle animation ( random animation: C )
  • after completing idle animation ( C ), the character passes to idle standing ( B )
  • from now on, character performs alternately idle standing ( B ) and idle animation ( C ).
    Note: After pressing any of the [W][S][A][D] or [Spacebar] buttons, character passes to the first point ( pose: A ) and repeats problem.

  1. When character takes a weapon from position B or C, passes and stays in pose D.
    Note: After pressing any of the [W][S][A][D] or [Spacebar] buttons, character passes and stays in pose E.

Note: The problem is not only in single-player but also on official servers.

Suggestion: The simplest solution seems to be adding a condition to the code:

if ( feet are at a similar height ) 
  use idle animations/standing
  do not use idle animations/standing

If the problem is deeper, I can only keep my fingers crossed for you :crossed_fingers:.

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Thanks for the additional information @fito. Sending it to our team.

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