For people who build

Love how you became very disrespectful towards me when I’ve done nothing to you nor do did you know the situation

Look. What happened to you isn’t unique or the only time it ever happened, nor are you the only one this has happened to.
You figure it out.
I’m done.

You’re misinterpreting his response, Mary. Don’t worry. He just meant that some people are going to be rude and mess with people’s builds by building too close. Don’t take it too personally. That being said, I doubt this is such a case. Most of the time I see these pop up because said individuals are just kids that lack the concept of personal space. They think they can claim any open spot and don’t realize the consequences of said actions as they tend to take a toll on the server in that particular area. All that can be done is either wait it out and they’ll disappear, or you report them for some sorta infraction.

I’ll assume you’re talking about PVE(-C) server, because the solution on a PVP server is trivial :smiley:

Have you tried talking to them politely? Sometimes this happens when someone is completely new to the game and they don’t know all the nuances. This can often be solved by talking to them, explaining the situation, offering to help them move, etc. You can even make a new friend in the process.

Sometimes it happens because it’s a veteran player who just moved to your server and had to put down their stuff in a hurry. Again, talking to them can help. Maybe they’re already planning to move and this is very temporary.

Of course, there’s always a possibility that this is an experienced player who just doesn’t give a flying fuсk about anyone or anything that doesn’t inconvenience them personally. If you talked to them and you realized that’s the case, your options are very limited. You can resign yourself to living with them. You can wait until they break the rules and report them. Or you can wait until your base is getting purged and hope one or more of the waves will come from a direction that puts their base in harm’s way. Indeed, you can even help the purge realize that your buildings aren’t the only available target in the vicinity :wink:

At any rate, a polite talk is always the best way to resolve this, when possible.

Do not do that unless you absolutely crave new experiences and you haven’t experienced an official server suspension yet. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Sorry I kept reading your reply’s like you was coming towards me I apologize I understand now


Think nothing of it.

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Yes it’s a PVE server I finally got his name to pop up today

She’s in my clan… and we got suspended for decorative land claim (I believe?) already. So yeah, she’s familiar with it and that’s why we won’t do that.

This is actually a PvE siptah server. I have not seen the base other than screenshots since I’m currently out of the country, but I believe it’s on a cliff right in front of us, so the likelihood of a purge wiping them seems pretty low. I’m more inclined to ignore them the best we can and wait it out. They always disappear at some point, especially when building shit shacks in sandstone (Large or otherwise). That being said, she says she’s lagging on ps5 there, so it’s hard to say for my experience until I get home next week.


Do not do that unless you absolutely crave new experiences and you haven’t experienced an official server suspension yet. "

Where in the rules says that you can’t place pillars to prevent people settling near your claim? Is this an official server rule? Of course you should not spam pillars left and right, but placing them at some distance from your walls so people can’t do exactly what this player did to OP.

There’s nothing you can do unless funcom increases the land claim radius

Here’s the relevant quote, with some added formatting for emphasis:

Also, here’s a clarifying post from Funcom where they show examples of what they consider to be landclaim abuse, which includes placing pillars to extend your claim radius, or even having your walls too far out from the functional parts of your build:


Ah, I don’t play on official servers, but thanks.

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Dude. You are so much more patient than I.

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Then your only recourse at this time is talk to them and ask them to move. Please understand that this may trigger them to report you and get you removed because I don’t believe there is an obvious way to review the initial placement times of each building in an easy admin mode method. It’s a risk but I don’t know how much of one because I’m not there interacting with the person in question.


It is frustrating.

As you don’t want to call the digital HoA on your obnoxious neighbour, options are limited to either directly communicating as mentioned above (with the risk that they then engage in vexatious litigation against you), or build a teleporter or two, pack up, and move.

While neither are optimal, there aren’t a lot of options to deal with it on PvE servers.

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Am guessing it’s on an Officla server as you don’t mention Private?
On Private server you obviously can usually report to an Admin or Moderator. On Official, less so as Funcom staff are kept very busy with all the tickets logged to that effect, and there are still a lot of official servers out there with Griefers.

You can reach out to the other player, as already suggested, in case it was an error (not really likely). If PvP you can tempt Ftae by blowing up said pieces -we all know that usually ends in MAD situations (mutually assured destruction).

If all else fails, find a friendly private server and restart there. You should be fine with your builds.

ps: and Yes, most players would be irritated with block-building.

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just be a patient and give it a feel days this type o player do not last longer, as much they see that you is annoyed much they will stay, just ignore them.

but if they are doing it with the pourpose of generating lag or block you from building, do not feel guilty for reporting they deserve it.

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Umm don’t follow this advice. That is literally land claim spam and you can get suspended for that.

Yeah, if you read further in the topic, he was unaware of official server rules. We had to explain why it was in violation. The best thing to do is probably just wait it out. So long as the base doesn’t crash when fast traveling to refresh it, we can ignore this guy and just use another base as a main area of operation for a bit. Most people that build obnoxiously don’t last more than a few months.

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