Forced PvP Flags for PvE, Landclaim Flags and Global Markers

So currently my extensive server mod
Features several things like :

-Forced PvP Flags (no opting out)

-Landclaim Flags (admins wanna build in an area and make sure it won’t be built by anyone else there without placing out several foundations)

-Global Map Markers (place down and there will be a marker with that icon and name on the map for everyone, Friendly Area, PvP Battleground Area, Trading Area)

-XP Potions (grants bonus XP for a limited time)

And more.
I was thinking I should perhaps release the above features in a seperate mod. What do you guys think?

If you’re making a mod primarily for your own server’s use, it’s okay to bundle them up into one mod. But if your intention is to provide a variety of modded features to a broader audience, making a separate mod for each feature not directly related to each other is a better idea. That gives people more freedom to choose which elements they want on their servers without additional baggage they don’t want.

There are several mods out there that would interest me because they give more cosmetic options, but that also for some inexplicable reason also include game balance or engine modifications I don’t want. So I can’t really use those mods in my game.

I totally agree, that’s why I was thinking of releasing certain features seperately. But yeah I also dislike when people bundle things like that in their mods.