Forced to watch the opening cinematics of the game

after the last update, every time i start the game im forced to watch the opening cinematic, afterwards it stays on a black loading screen for several seconds, then it finally i get the opening menu. Before, i could skip the cinematics and load up the game much faster. what gives?

If you launch the game from the launcher, it skips them automatically.

However, if you prefer doing it the old fashioned way, then you need to edit the
section in DefaultGame.ini to change the '+'s into '-'s and the 'true’s into 'false’s. Every major update will restore these settings, so you will have to go back and change them again.

Is it more then 1 way to open the game? I only know from steam «play button»

I use this:
No startup logo videos

Did you add a bunch of mods? You should be able to skip the intro once the initial loading process is complete by just pressing any button. If you can’t skip it and you’re getting a black loading screen after that whole movie plays, my first suspect would be that you’re loading a bunch data right from the get go.

Basically the client does not play a movie and then load the game. It loads the game while it’s playing the movie, so the movie is the loading screen. It’s just that for some reason it’s taking you longer to load than the playtime of the movie.

Come to think of it, a big update might cause something like that the first time you start the game afterwards. I’ve had a few other games do that in the past. The load time is typically a lot shorter after that first time though. At least until the next big update.

You might also try giving it a local files verification just in case.

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