Forging steel is wrong

To make steel you need steelfire which is made with brimstone. Brimstone is sulfer.

Real steel is made by adding carbon from coal and removing impurities like sulfer.

Hardened steel is made by heating and quenching. Not by adding stuff.

It should be
Iron bar + coal = steel bar
Steel bar + ice = hardened steel.


yeah and i’m sorry but I saw a national geographic on Imps and dragons, and I believe that they got that wrong too… -.-

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Its not too much to ask for something that is closer to realism as the Hyborian Age is supposed to be around 12000 years ago in the real world, not a fantasy one.

Imps are close to
And dragons sorta close to

There’s some artistic liberties being taken, but the laws of physics and the elements involved are the same.

With that said… it would throw balance a curveball if we used coal for steel. Steel Reinforcements would be a alot easier to make, facilitating tier 3 buildings becoming more common. So while it makes sense for a realistic point of view, it does not from a balance one.

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Add a crucible made of stone and glass

Steel was made by sealing ingredients in a sealed ceramic crucible to keep oxygen from bonding to the iron.

That fixes the balance issue

Except it doesn’t. Stone and Glass are pretty common items. Stone is obvious and glass is simply a material that can be found in abundance in just about any cave. Brimstone as it stands now makes sense as a material for Steel because it is located in highly contested areas.


Then they could add clay for ceramics and put that in limited areas

Wrong?? So is getting up after being cut in half, being reborn over and over again… and just about everything elsein this game… .but yeah… Steel.

I believe “Steelfire” isn’t added to the iron, it’s added to the fuel to allow it to burn hotter, reaching the necessary temperatures for forging steel. That’s why it’s Steel fire —it’s the fire it produces, making the furnace suitable for working steel. It’s not actually added to the steel itself.

Of course, it’s impossible to say for certain when all we actually have to do is “throw it all in the furnace together,” but that interpretation makes the most sense to me, since, as you point out, adding sulfur to the metal itself would be nonsensical.

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I’d also love to see more realistic components for forging steel, since that whole Riddle of Steel thing is really a big thing in the Conan world. And the Riddle shouldn’t be brimstone in my opinion.