Forum moderation?

Hi all,
no rage, just question, so please dont close this topic mods * wink

Tinfoil hat mode on:
Who is responsible for the moderation in this forum?

Why are current ,active, non toxic, interesting, topics closed just because the moderator thinks it is not interesting and has his own (funcom?) view to it?

Like “Another topic about vacations- Closed.”

This thread had 22 replies 487 views in 17h, no reason to close it there?

I dont care about the thread,
i do care however that a moderator just closes if he or she likes it or not.

This could be - or bad moderation or trying to influence.

Same happened in the Steam forums and now here too, moving apparently did not help in that aspect.

have a great day!

Forum Moderation is not a Topic for public discussion.


if you have any question about Forum Moderation you could DM the Moderator directly or you could DM @AndyB, @Spynosaur_Nicole, @Jens_Erik or @Tascha

And the reason why i closed this Thread is explaint above.

have a nice Day too.

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