Suspended without warning!?

Why was the “Suspended without warning” thread unlisted?

Because the forums are not for those inquires. But Zendesk:

As per this thread: Official Servers - Terms of conduct, guidelines and procedures


That doesn’t explain why it was unlisted, there was legitimate questions and feedback in that thread, even though you and your buddies did your best to get it locked.

Any one of a number of reasons:

  • Obvious trolling,
  • The topic isn’t something appropriate for these forums in the 1st place,
  • Someone got personal,
  • Too much “fighting” (bickering),
  • It had run it’s course and was devolving rapidly,
  • etc.

When one or more of those things happen the mods just lock the thread! If it’s too egregious they suspend the people for a week or so.

The mods here are EXCELLENT!!! Their approach to moderating these forms is the best I’ve seen in any public or private forum. An I’ve been the admin of a few and a mod on some truly huge ones in the CG industry - these people ROCK! in my opinion!

If this is the thread you’re talking about, it is still there - and likely will be for a very very long time.

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All of them were points made in a hundred other threads. There was noting unique in the thread you’re referring to.

You seem pretty certain about something that is impossible to prove, just another opinion thrown around as fact.

Anyway the question remains, why is it unlisted, I never asked why it got locked, or why you all did your best to get it locked, or even why a direct link to it remains.

I asked why it was unlisted, a really simple question that none of you have even tried bothering to answer, always deflecting, skirting and answering made up questions.

The question was answered.

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You’re new here so you can be forgiven… But if you had been reading here for the past 4 to 6 months you would know how completely factual my remark was. My gawd, whole books written in these threads, some of them. And all on the exact same topic with the exact same points argued as the thread you are lamenting. Seriously, not a single unique point was expressed in that latest one.

It shouldn’t. Two people have now answered you. ~=shrug=~

You're not supposed to flag posts because you disagree with them or because you are heady in your opinions.

That feature is here so people can help police threads for forum violations - bad language, actual personal attacks, tutorializing exploits or cheating, etc.

It isn’t about liking or disliking. Its an open forum, he is entitled to his opinion, and able to present any facts or points of view that they wish on the subject.

As for having a discussion, it was had. It didn’t pose any information or opinions that warranted changes. And then it ran its course. I do believe as TeleTesselator has stated, the subject is a dead horse at this point.

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Well, it looks like other people have a different opinion about that, or are only certain people entitled to their opinion if it fits a certain narrative?
Apparently it provided a benefit for some people, so it was a valid question, no reason to respond in condescending manner.

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That’s up for Funcom to decide. Not me, not you.

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Exactly my point :slight_smile:

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Well, that’s all fine and stuff, but Funcom has stated that it isn’t up for discussion here on the forums at all. I’ve read them say in these many discussions that issues pertaining to being banned, suspended, or having your base demolished by a server admin is not an appropriate discussion topic on the forums. But it seems like the mods are just cool enough to let people vent here a little as long as it doesn’t get too out of hand. And when it does they shut it down.

Yeah, it seems pretty obvious to me at least, that they have already considered it and made their policy decisions. I seriously doubt Joe-banned-alot, joe-cheater, or joe-demolition-regret typing in 100’s of pages of lamenting diatribe is going to affect that policy even one iota. I could be wrong of course, but so far as you state here, the evidence in on my side. That they are even allowing you to vent at all is extremely giving IMO.

No, that was this week - last time I read it. And I have read them saying that 4 times that I can recall over the past month. Most of the treads started with topics like “OMG, my base was demolished” or “Why was I banned - it wasn’t that bad” are locked immediately with zero replies and delisted. And there is usually a reason given at the bottom of the thread - saying just what I said. Call Zendesk, inapprotiate forum topic, bla bla bla.

And also no, they are not nuking randomly. Without exception that I’ve seen there has always been methodical reasoning - admitted to by the base owners themselves - even if they didn’t know they were admitting it - because they hadn’t bothered to read or understand the rules… :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve even written several (many!) versions of what I’ve observed in order to try and help people understand why these things are happening or how they might avoid it in the future.

No, those stereotypes exist. It isn’t rude to discuss such things. and I do have an interest in the topic - obviously, here I am showing my interest. :wink: