Foundation spam is out of control in official server 1880 pls help us

pvp server 1880 massive foundation spam pls help us fix this

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Hi, and welcome to the community.

This is not a bug, so this thread probably won’t help you get the desired results. Your best bet is to report the problem using the procedure described in the official server rules:

Since your forum account is new, you might not be able to send direct messages right away. Here’s how to deal with that:

NEW FORUM ACCOUNTS: Please be aware that newly created users can’t send private messages until a certain threshold has been met, which is to read 5 different posts, 30 different messages, and spend 10 minutes logged in. This is to prevent automated spam.

Bear in mind that Funcom staff receives a high volume of reports and they have to prioritize them, so it might be weeks before they act on your report.

Good luck :+1:

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And what, uh, precisely, do you want them to do about it?

Check if the foundation spam on that server violates any of the rules and, if so, ban the culprits. There are rules against building to prevent other people from building, or building to prevent access to shared resources on PVE(-C) servers, for example.

Based on my experience, they won’t do anything, but that’s just one anecdote. Maybe this case is different :man_shrugging:

EDIT: I just realized that 1880 is a PVP server. Forget I said anything. I don’t get why people ask Funcom to help them fight on PVP servers unless it’s against cheaters… :man_facepalming: