FOV Slider Consoles

Didn’t they say that consoles will get FOV slider with this update ? It said so atleast in the testlive patch notes…did this get scrapped ?

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It may only be for next gen? I’m on series x and it exists

Really? Where do you see that. I’d like to increase the FOV.

I’m on series x and there’s no slider…weird

Im on Series X and have no FOV slider…where you got it ?

FOV is an amazing setting. It lets you play Conan Exiles almost as if it’s a true third person game. When the FOV is low, it’s just ./left of center and your character takes up so much of your screen.

The most recent patch, with cinematic settings, on 4k is fantastic. I don’t have a beastly compute and I can run CE maxed with all settings except for shadows. I drop those to “High” instead of Ultra or Cinematic. Shadows eats up way too much GPU/CPU or what not and slows everything down.

I hope console can have FOV sliders soon. Till then, buy a PC!

You can do it in the settings one PlayStation before you join a server

Yes you can but you in performance mode

It’s on the video settings part on the main menu isn’t it there for you?? it’s right under the motion blur option

Apparently it’s only an option when selecting Performance Mode… Even on next-gen.

Do you have to activate performance mode in the game or in the Xbox settings ? Can’t find it anywhere

Main menu settings of the game.

Do you have a screenshot maybe ? I can’t find it in any of the main settings…

Im running on Series X with 4K and 60Hz

Exit to main, set game to performance mode then reload in and it should have the slider in the settings, worked for me

The slider does show up for me, but it just blurres everything completely. My character is in the middle of the screen like in a proper 3rd person game, but it’s impossible to play like that, unless you want to feel like after 2 bottles of vodka. Nobody else with that issue?

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