FOV slider setting: great!

Just wanted to share a perhaps overlooked option (for some) in the graphics settings: the FOV slider. Attached are two screenshots from the same point, same zoom settings etc, only difference is the FOV slider setting (50 vs 70 respectively, +/- a bit).

FOV 70ish:

FOV 50ish:

The higher number gives the game a way more cinematic feel IMO. I didn’t quite max it out (too extreme for me) - and it probably matters what kinda screen you play on: I have one of those curved widescreens, for which it’s perfect.

Anyway, might help someone (or might not), YMMV, but it was almost a eureka! moment for me.

Glad you mentioned this actually. I forgot about FOV completely on my new install. I bumped it up to 60 :slight_smile:

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