Fps drop when leaving spawn location


I play solo so no server or co-op lag.

So 3 days after AoS released I did the game update and let mods update, everything ran perfectly like always. Then life happened and I did not have time to play until last week.

Last week the game didnt want to load or rather it would start and after 10 minutes task manager would tell me the game was not responding. So I started checking mods and found some that where now broken or where very outdated, so I tossed them out and thanks to the Builders Bureau on Discord I got the load order sorted. Game boots and loads up like it should, although slow takes like 10 minutes but that is kinda normal.

So any way I create a new character and spawn in (First time was on the fan map Savage wilds.) And I spawn into 2fps, I wait a few minutes and still it is a steady 2 fps, I think ok must be SW and quit out. Load up create and load into Siptah, a smooth 110 fps, till I leave the beach, basically leave the spawn area and bang hard drop to 2 fps, cant even move right and die to a dog, respawn, smooth fps of 110 move off, and bang 2 fps again.

So I try Exile lands, create spawn in and smooth 110 fps, start moving off and get to the Demon Bat and fps starts dropping, get to the little hill before entering the Noob River valley and bang 2 fps. I slowly make my way back and fps starts climbing, keep moving to the left acroos all the broken Roads and fps stays at 110, move inland and each time I get to where the gobloids start bang 2 fps.

Things I have done, after each one I loaded in and ran to noob river each time hit with the 2 fps

Disabled all mods

Verified via Steam

Unsubscribed resubbed to the mods to force updates

Laptop mod

Redid settings via Nvidia control panel

Changed power settings to performance

Changed settings in game

Add launch command to Steam

Tried pretty much everything I could find on the google( Did not try the dodgy download this software things)

Did Razor Cortx

Did Nvidia control optimize

Try joining a public server, but this just gave me bad ping so fps was shit to start with.

Has anyone experienced this and found a fix, I see there have been general fps issues for years but this is the first that it is happening to me and it is rather specific as well.

Anyone have a fix pretty please… I will name my first new Thrall after you.

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