FPS Lag issues, what is optimal settings?

Im using dx10 with all on max graphics, and i still screen freeze and lag sometimes i got a 2070 super card and 16 gig of ram i shouldent be lagging at all or have any issues but idk what to do, im tired of lagging 24/7 on doing regular questing and such.
anyone got some tips on how to fix this?

DX9 doesn’t have that problem and doesn’t crash as often, but you can fix DX10 this way: Bad stuttering only in DX10

Your 2070 is overkill for this game. The engine is all about CPU single core performance, so generally Intel with high frequency is what nets the most fps gains.

You can also disable shadows, limit particles to myself, disable names, healthbars, details, levels, badges over nearby npcs or players, depending on what’s more on your screen. But if your problem is stutters and not average fps, then go to the thread I linked above.

DX9 & DX10 change these setting in tandem between the launcher and in game options, including a restart.

Adjust as needed > match the Launcher > Options and In-game Options > Video; for example both set to DX9 or both set to DX10.

Display (performance) and graphics settings should match.

ctrl + alt + delete > Nvidia container(s) > end task
new ones will be created when you start a game

‘Screen tearing’ occurs when the game’s fps is higher than the monitor’s refresh rate.

Check the monitor’s maximum refresh rate; for example 60hz, 75hz, 185hz, and latency 1ms, 3ms, etc. (some new can be less than 1ms) :nerd_face:

A lag-free gaming experience is about synchronizing what you have for smoother playing. Ofc having high fps is ideal but getting there without choppy, skipping visuals is my preference.

New(er) computers and graphics cards have more performance capability than AoC requires and create unnecessary frames. Limiting the frames might sound counter intuitive but its less work for the computer and generates less heat among other performance boosting benefits.

Limiting the fps to your monitor’s maximum refresh rate also makes sense because things like Nvidia’s G-sync and Freesync don’t work over the monitor’s max (automatically turns off). For example, if you have a 60hz monitor and getting higher fps in a game, then you would want to cap it lower. High end monitors may handle 160+ fps but 100hz refresh rate monitor would appear choppy and eventually there’s an issue. Capping at 75 keeps the features on and plays smoother.

Blast from the past (2013) here we are 7-years later.

Ty to both of ya i turned it to dx9 and it worked better no more crashes and infinite loading screens and i changed my fps to 144 as my screen i dont have issues anymore :slight_smile:

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Hiya, Zittla…I am glad that someone could help you…See you in game!