Fractured Citadel Crash Issue

Fatal code within game package. Location: Line 959 within <local disk (usually C:/)> \code\Source\Runtime\RenderCore\Private\RenderingThread.cpp]. Essentially the GameThread Timed out waiting for the RenderThread After 60.00 secs. Crashing for each individual approaching the Fractured Citadel.

Server Information:
GPORTAL Rented Server: Maal’s Deathcrypt Island. Isle of Siptah.
Modded. PvP Located in America (North). Server Location: Dallas, TX.
Mods List (order of load):
1: Pippi
2: Fashionist
3: Emberlight
4: Improved Quality of Life
5: Mod Control Panel
6: Shani’s Stuff
7: AG Altars
8: New Faces (Female)
9: New Face (Male)
10: Better Thralls
11: Less Building Placement Restrictions
12: LBPR Additional Features
13: WR Critters
14: Happy Little Trees
15: Arena Pier Build Piece
16: Pythagoras Expanded
17: Kerozards Peragon Leveling Reloaded
18: Professions
Time of error: 23:29 EST.
Please let me know if you need any additional information!

I really appreciate the reply. It makes sense that this would be a game issue. It didn’t seem to be related to mods. Thanks again for clearing it up and we (server group) look forward to an update or patch!

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