Free account - not paid

Hi, since no support tickets are being answered giving a shot here. If someone know what can I do please let me know.

Tried to login to one of my free to play accounts, but it says it is not paid. What should I do? I can login to to account page just fine, but not to the game.

@ AndyB do something, current customer service is really slow.

On the account page (, you should be able to click [Reactivate account] next to account status, it won’t charge you anything or change the account to paid, it’s a weird bug.

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There is no reactivate option given. There is option Upgrade to Premium which leads to selecting how many months.

I have an image, but they won’t let me post it, says new users can’t post images. Restrictions left and right on everything :smiley:

use old login site (link was given to you here) and you will see reactivate account button. Happens to me sometimes too.

Ahh okay, thanks guys!