Free dlc when reaching a specific rank on the server?


I was wondering if it is allowed to post a server advertisement where I announce that players get a free DLC of choice when they reach a certain rank in my server?

thank You

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your call bruh, its your wallet that youre using to gift players with a dlc . it doesnt really concern fc with what you do

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Very interesting concept, though I could see the concern on FunCom side of things when a server Admin offers something in a form of advertising a server.

Just one issue comes to mind, if the Admin does not follow through with a deal, players would hold FunCom responsible to give free DLC.

at the end of the day its money in their pockets

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Yes, thx for the reply .

watta nice guy! put it on the server message of the day 8]

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I asked Funcom_Ignasis and he said it should be ok . :grin:

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