Freestanding Wheels of Pain vanish when server restarts

Game mode: Private Server (Vanilla)
Problem: Bug

Both Wheels of Pain and Lesser Wheels of Pain that are placed without foundation under then vanish after a server restart. We do not have decay on, and there is no event log. Dont know if Greater Wheel of Pain is affected, but we expect so.

Repro steps:

  1. Construct a Wheel of Pain
  2. Place Wheel of Pain directly on terrain without placing foundations first.
  3. Restart Server.
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The same is happening to me in a local game when I restart. It also occurs with freestanding temples. Well, it happens to my Set temples, but oddly, not Yog. I’ve not tested with other temples.

I’ve had some wheels and fish traps vanish in single player after a restart, but it has not happened since I disabled the decay timer.

The Decadent (normal) mode says decay is off by default, but it’s not.