Wheel of Pain just stops by itself

Game mode: [Singleplayer]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [Here]

I have 2 bases currently in my single player game. One is south of The Den by the 2 ponds (on the hill) and the other is at the bottom of the hill beneath Scoundrel’s Gateway. Both of them have a Wheel of Pain (level 2). I use the one near The Black Galleon to get some named Thralls, which I then bring to my main base near The Den. BUT… when I load up the Wheel with thralls and then head to the Den, it just stops working. From what I can tell of the progress it stops VERY soon after leaving, probably before I get to my main base. I really dislike that I can count on the Wheels stopping when I log off and on, but this nonsense is super annoying. The Named thralls take a while to turn, so I end up having to hang out at my Black Galleon base for no other reason but the thrall conversion.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. I just set up 2 bases with a wheel of pain to get this to happen. (in locations listed above)

I have noticed the same on my Server, it could be like you said when you leave the area or when i log out? I’ve ended up staying in close proximity while they break then move on.

Not sure if this is the issue, but when you log off, then the game stop in single player. As you are “shutting down” the “server”. It doesn’t “persist” like on dedicated server running the game. If for some reason a dedicated server or official server reboots, all wheels, crafting stations, etc… stops.

I had the same thought when I read the topic! But he describes that this happens when he moves from one base to the other, logged in the game. It’s probably a bug :thinking:

Most likely happens when he gets out of tethering range. I am still not sure why is there no option to turn tethering off. I was able to run dedicated server on 8gb RAM and play the game, so I don’t really see the point of tethering. Also, that was months ago, before we got “optimizations” (while game did not had performance issues)

guisun… That is not exactly true. Even though I am mainly referring to a ‘non-logging’ issue (perhaps the tethering issue mentioned above), even with ‘logging off’ my blacksmith and carpenter will continue through the logging off/on process. My smelter and wheel of pain must be restarted. Why can’t they all continue through the process?

KingOfPredators… I agree. I think this IS the problem, but not being able to ‘look under the hood’ I can only speculate.

I think in SP it’s simply the way they work, the world isn’t realy persistent. When you log-out of the game, the world is down, and all stops.

On servers the problem is other, wheels are open, and accessible to all. So other people can see what you have in and interact with it.
But it seems happen also on servers without any interaction.