Freeze lag every 5s, fix this fast

I noticed that after this last patch, the game freezes exactly every 5 seconds, and stay frozen for 1 second and back. It keeps that way for about 5 minutes then it stops.

But after 5 more minutes it come back again.

It is not lag, it also freezes while at the menu.
I’m playing on PS4 and already tested:

  • Changed server (also present in other servers)
  • Restarted the game
  • Rebooted my PS
  • Also tested in another network just in case

None of those worked.

Perhaps a Dev Intern forgot to remove a “setInterval” function from this patch lol

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Jajaja jajaja jajaja jajaja lo tienes claro

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“Quizás un Dev Intern se olvidó de eliminar una función “setInterval” de este parche lol”
Ahí has dado en el clavo🧐

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